Abandoned Building and demolition PHOTOGRAPHY

GE Gear Plant Bay 5 West End

Wrecked Photography‚ÄčTM



GE Gear Plant Bay 5 Crane Demo

GE Gear Plant Bay 14 South Demo

Danvers State Hospital

Natick HS Camera Inside Demo

The Abandoned Mill

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Genoa Packing Co. Cambridge, MA

Swampscott Police - Retired Station

Temple Israel Stack Demo

Temple Israel Demo - Project

Temple Israel Sanctuary Demo

GE Factory of the Future

Boston Herald Building Demo

Old Salem Superior Court

Natick High School Hallway Connector

Demo - "Grapple Through Roof"

Abandoned Treatment Plant

Salem State University Police HQ

Pre-Demolition Video

New Swampscott Police HQ

Regional Industrial Services

Jewish Rehabilitation Center 

Day 1 - Demo

JDC Demolition

Atwood & Morrill, Salem, MA